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Technology of Beauty

Aug 18, 2020

In this episode of The Technology of Beauty, Dr. Grant Stevens sits down with Dr. Philippe Schaison to get an insider's view of the aesthetic landscape and discuss some of the innovations that are threatening to disrupt the field of aesthetics — including a toxin/filler needle that detects the presence of blood, a topical tanner that triggers natural melanin production, a transdermal delivery system for neurotoxins, and even self-injecting robots! With an extremely impressive pedigree and track record in consumer beauty products and aesthetic medicine, Dr. Schaison is uniquely situated to identify gaps in the marketplace and the developing technologies that may fill them. He previously served as the CEO of Allergan, where he secured a market leadership position for Botox. Prior to that, he served as Vice President of Global Skin Care for Johnson & Johnson and held executive positions at L'Oréal and Merck & Co. After his time at Allergan, he served as CEO of Syneron-Candela. He now holds board and advisory positions for myriad organizations, including Sientra, Sente, and the Galien Foundation. In this candid interview, Mr. Chaison peers into his crystal ball and shares his view of the future of aesthetics.