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Technology of Beauty

Mar 31, 2022

In this special traveling episode of The Technology of Beauty, recorded live in Park City at the 15th American-Brazilian Aesthetic Meeting, Dr. Grant Stevens sits down for micro interviews with over a dozen movers and shakers from the aesthetics business. Tune in to get a feel for the buzz at ABAM 2022 and hear about the latest products and clinical developments emerging in the aesthetic world.

Featured guests include:
00:01:20 Dr. Renato Saltz
00:06:01 Caro Van Hove (Revelle Aesthetics)
00:11:25 Philippe Schaison
00:16:28 Dr. Paul Nassif
00:21:24 Adam Daniells (Influx Marketing)
00:25:06 Terri Ross (APX Platform)
00:28:12 Dr. Kiya Movassaghi
00:35:00 Dr. Barry DiBernardo
00:38:21 Dr. John Meadors (Ideal Curves)
00:43:43 Dr. Foad Nahai
00:50:06 Izhak Musli (APX Platform)
00:55:33 Dr. Nazim Cerkes (ISAPS)
01:05:51 Ethan Minh (Benev Skincare)