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Technology of Beauty

Nov 16, 2022

"Conferences are where you go to see the interesting young companies coming into the space. And so we all have to attend. It's probably odd for a physician to see somebody from Wall Street attending a medical meeting, but we all do it."

Imagine casually referencing how your company manages over $100 billion in assets....

Oct 25, 2022

How does a brand with the eminence of Alastin manage the balancing act of pairing distinction and excellence with convenience and accessibility? After all, it's not exactly your average over-the-counter product line, so driving growth requires an innovative approach.

In this episode of The Technology of Beauty, Global...

Sep 13, 2022

"I love the combination of energy with suture suspension, because I felt like that could take a patient who might need skin removal and change them into a patient who wouldn't need it, and we could address the underlying muscles without having to open the neck."

A plastic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills since 1998,...

Aug 30, 2022

Plastic Surgeon. Professor. Scientist. The list of accolades is lengthy for Galderma's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Alan Widgerow - MBBCh(MD) MMed(MHS) FCS(Plast) FACS. And with Galderma's acquisition of Alastin, he continues to lead Alastin Innovations in his new expanded role as CSO for Galderma.

Using in-house R&D...

Aug 16, 2022

With an economic downturn looming on the horizon, patients still want to look their best — but they might not know how to pay for the procedures they desire.

With his latest venture, Yes Doctor, Dr. Tim Sayed hopes to "optimize the market and lending rates for both patients and surgeons" by delivering fully qualified...