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Technology of Beauty

Jan 25, 2023

Have we been looking at aesthetics all wrong?

"The total addressable market of beauty, combined with wellness, is a trillion dollar market." And it's growing, says Lindsay Carlson, Managing Director of Beauty and Wellness at William Blair.

She would know, considering that she has navigated transactions involving the likes of BeautyHealth, Revision Skincare/Goodier Cosmetics, and Elevation Labs — not to mention serving as the sell-side advisor to Alastin in their acquisition by Galderma.

But about that trillion dollar market: the emphasis is on an evolving definition of aesthetics, where health and wellness are demanding a larger share of attention. As Lindsay puts it, inner health is such a big part of outer beauty.

To put an old cliché to rest, beauty is no longer skin-deep — if it ever truly was.