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Technology of Beauty

Aug 30, 2022

Plastic Surgeon. Professor. Scientist. The list of accolades is lengthy for Galderma's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Alan Widgerow - MBBCh(MD) MMed(MHS) FCS(Plast) FACS. And with Galderma's acquisition of Alastin, he continues to lead Alastin Innovations in his new expanded role as CSO for Galderma.

Using in-house R&D and organic research to launch moonshots into uncharted realms of subcutaneous tissue at a cellular level, Professor Widgerow takes a disruptive yet wholly scientific approach to optimizing skin health and rejuvenation in his role at Galderma.

In this episode of The Technology of Beauty, he gets technical in his analysis of the pros and cons of synthetic exosomes, autophagy, the role of waste management in dermal health, and much, much more.

He also provides a look into a future featuring wearables that can tell you when you need to moisturize — and that's just a peek into what we have in store for you in this groundbreaking interview with Dr. Grant Stevens.