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Technology of Beauty

Aug 2, 2022

It seems as though the hottest topic in aesthetics right now is exosomes. And if the research we're seeing tells us anything, herein lies the potential to remake the entire subject of healing, let alone revolutionizing aesthetics as we know it.

Yes, it sounds almost exaggerated or absurd — but the science shows that the more we understand about exosomes, the more likely it is that we can leverage the body's own regenerative potential to encourage targeted healing.

Rion's Commercial Lead Jodi Brichan joins Dr. Grant Stevens for a fascinating interview, wherein she does a far better job than we can of exploring a technology that seeks to restore beauty by healing what needs to be healed on an individualized basis.

The future is approaching at breakneck speed, so tune in for this next episode of The Technology of Beauty to find out how these abstract theories about exosomes are about to hit the market in the form of versatile new aesthetic products with a variety of innovative applications.