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Technology of Beauty

Dec 14, 2021

In this episode, Dr. Grant Stevens discusses both the history and future of Botox with the Canadian eye doctor who is credited with spearheading its use in cosmetic applications, Dr. Jean Carruthers.

Having used botulinum toxin as an ophthalmologist to treat blepharospasm (a condition that forces the eyes to involuntarily shut), Dr. Carruthers discovered that one of her patients loved what it did to eliminate wrinkles between the brows.

She worked with her husband, a dermatologist, to pioneer the use of Botox for aesthetic purposes — and after becoming one of the first test cases herself, is proud to say that she "hasn't frowned since 1987."

Find out what Dr. Carruthers predicts for the future of toxins in terms of new research, new applications, and new opportunities in this episode of The Technology of Beauty.